You can receive flycasting instruction from Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor Andrew Stiles in person by setting up a one-on-one lesson (visit our Contact Page to reach Andrew and make an appointment), or from the comfort of your own home, online! Thanks to the web services YouTube and Skype, Andrew can personally assess your flycasting technique and help you to perfect your cast, whether you're in Richmond or Rwanda!

Here are your four simple steps to a perfect cast:

With any digital video device, make a brief video of yourself, making your best fly cast. This video needs to show your whole range of motion, plus the fall of your line: Taking the video outdoors would be best, so that there's plenty of room for your cast.
Digital video cameras, digital still cameras, and even many phones have the capability to shoot digital video!
Upload your video to YouTube! You'll need to start an account with YouTube if you don't already have one, but the process is quick, painless and free.
When you upload your video, set it as private or unlisted, unless you want everyone on YouTube to see your cast!
Click here for instructions on how to upload a video
Click here for instructions on how to upload a video as private or unlisted

Email the link to your video to Andrew. He'll watch it and determine whether he can help you based on what he sees. If so, you will pay a one-time $35 payment through Paypal, and once the payment is received Andrew will email you back with information on...
Flycasting Instruction: $35
...a personal video conference on Skype! Andrew will personally instruct you on the best ways to improve your cast.
Video calls on Skype are free and easy: All you need are a computer, a webcam and a connection to the internet!
Click here for information on video calling through Skype

If you don't feel that Andrew has improved your cast after your instruction session, your $35 will be refunded. So what do you have to lose? Shoot your video and let Andrew Stiles help you find your perfect cast!